shot for ryan seng in the LA river, he has a beautiful sweater line .
it was a cool crew, he had the earliest calltime of my life at 5:30
am but it's all good . after the shoot he treated to a restaurant which
was nice . above is a photo of my pretty muthafuckas competition ^^

remi and i went to the beach to chill and he showed me his new
penny board . always thought those things were just little toys
but now he got me addicted so i bought one to cruise w/ him

this nite the four of us dudes were just chillin at a bar downtown .
i checked my email at like 11:45 and saw that i booked a big job .
i told everyone "if we dip now we can get some macaroons at bottegga
louie and i'll treat all of us !" they were siked and so was i, nice nite <3

you know when your friend will get out of the car and remove
5 big trash cans so you can park your car she is a good one :)

every gamer's dream ^^ ashley told me she plays call of duty
very well i always called bullshit till she showed me a clip . so
she brought her ps3 over and we sat on the couch for hours and
just killed people while i got video game t-shirt . she even has an earpiece
so she can talk shit back to the little boys, so so dreamy <3 <3 <3
"you do not buy a video game t-shirt you CREATE it"

i love this kid, he is club royalty . i have never seen him dance once
there in his life . i cannot imagine going to a loud club and not dance, but i
that's just me . he always shows up in the most extravagant clothing, marc jacobs,
saint laurent, gucci... yadda yadda . but he took it to another level when
he came in w/ a samurai sword, i tip my hat to you nick . you rule <3

my friend spencer and i grew up a block away from eachother since 5th grade .
we got really into the smiths, we were just crazy about them . i remember i sent
these lyrics in a myspace message to a girl i had a crush on when i was
in highschool . couple weeks ago he got these tattooed on his leg <3








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