this is where my car was supposed to be in los angeles, 336$ later....
see how in the top pic there is only one sign ? now in the one below there is two .
i parked my car at 3 a.m. sat nite/sunday morning and there was only the top sign
so it wasn't an issue . then they added that NEW sign on only some on the meters .
basically i have concluded that they did a last minute street path for this bike event and threw up
some few signs on the meters last second, thus towing the whole block .
the guy who impounded it was nice and said they towed 90 cars in 3 hours and that something was up...
not fair ! IH8 YOU ! KILLMENOW ! HELL A !
fortunately i'm at the point where i have that kinda money on disposable
and would have no quarrels w/ it if i made a mistake but i know i didn't !
does anyone have any experience fighting these things ?!?
email me - or fb me


he fell in love w/ B . his lines included -
"you're the most beautiful girl in the world, are you lebanese ?"
"i could make love for 3 days . i swear, I HAVE !"


"i would go down on them like this *shows us* they would be WETTER THAN A SWIMMING POOL"
"if i were a girl i would be a lipstick lesbian"

(he snuck) THE HAND

"i have 110 thousand dollars"
"we should start an escort business in san fransisco, then you'd be rich bohemians, sniffing coke w/ halle berry"
"if you were my girl i'd french kiss you for 3 hours"

arthur is there everytime i am at little tokyo . the coolest cover artist .
we watched him and he dedicated songs for me, 'black magic woman' 'imagine'...
i bought his cd and he signed it justin, i didn't correct him .

dinner w/ dad

i always take pictures like this and i h8 it, it's what kids do .
the back of a person w/ greenery/scenery shot = you want to take a picture of someone
but you're too shy to ask so you get the back, or at least that's what it looks like to me .
i'm going to do my best and not do these anymore




this guy is just like arthur . when i first heard his covers i thought it was wack,
but like arthur it's so honest and outthere i really started to like it .
he's really into richard hawley like me and covers all my fav. jams by him, the ocean is the best

smiths too