was in l.a. to shoot w/ jeff slater

after that i hung out w/ my dad

train was cancelled so he drove me back to san diego
so i wasn't late for work . god i love you dad thanks !

shortly after that i went to ventura

'it's like she thinks she's in the
middle of a tug of war but
neither of us are fucking tugging'

saw jordan at bombays, we were talking bikes and then i went riding his around
downtown . i was drinking just a little so my balance wasn't perfect, i saw some cars
coming so i squeezed the brakes to slow down and get near the sidewalk but nothing gave,
i hit the curb and fell down . i got up quickly and rode back, i went in to the bar and looked at him
panting and said, 'dude... the brakes don't work' we started to laugh so hard...