hanging out at the bar and this guy comes up to me . he's like,
'uhhhh hey were you at that midnite release 4 skyrim ?' ..... of course now we're homies,
he have the same job too . this is him opening for frankie morello, this show goes hard

at the YELLE show

backstage eating all the food

i was shot by julie & dee for BL ...
they didn't know how to disassemble the light ... precious

skyrim is still my life

bought a couch n mirror from this guy for 40 bucks .
after i asked him to add to the pillar of power . he was siked on it

thanksgiving w/ my sis and grandy ^^

all up in dat Levi's lookbook ! ^^

jerreth models AND dj's yet still i think has enough
time 2 game and chill as much as i do . amazing