i saw ryan mcginley's campaign video 4 edun about a month ago and
when i got a casting 4 the show i wanted it so bad . so siked i was on !

doing rehearsals in socks is when i realized i wore two different pairs ;)

all 3 of us happas . 1 half asain / 1 half watev.. ^^

w/ the homie torian from yigal and chambers ^^^

the menswear designer ricky and i, wanted to get a photo w/ him before the show .
after this he took off his necklace that he was wearing at the casting and all that day as
well and told me to put it on . i was vibing all nite from that it was so cool . fully backing him ^^

cambria and i both went to highschool together and after 4 years
of not seeing her we end up on the same print and runway agencies ^^







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