Euro Craze w/ Jordan part 4 -
"everyone you meet is the love
of your life, it's bullshit"

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we ended the trip in barcelona . 4 days here felt like 8 in croatia,
i liked it very much . i'm the kinda guy that says, "ok, we have 2 hours
so there's time for two activities" . jordan is the kind that says,
"we have 2 hours so there's time for 3 activities, and we'll just be a
little late to the third one" . it's much more fulfilling his way, and i think that's
what made this trip my most fun vacation ever . it's operating on a schedule
you're not accustomed to . so we did the maze, the view of the city, and the
VIP tour of the gaudi house museum . all without wasting a second :)

while we were on the plane i was editing the third montage and
he was googling barcelona and looking for things to do . he posted the
gaudi museum and geo tagged the location . the museum social media
team reached out to him and offered us a special tour w/ guides if they
could get a photo for their instagram . jordan wins again, so smart

he got his helmet stolen and didn't want to be obvious w/ his blonde
hair flying around so we bought a fixed gear bycicle style hat .
i couldn't stop calling him china man the whole nite he looked so silly

jordan had some friends in barcelona so we met them at Pacha .
after some hours we decided to go back to our roof and relax

i'll never forget when Nas showed up to the club straight
from the airport w/ his designer bag and blazer . he looked
so fucking amazing and i hyped him up for it . from that
interaction we became "brothers" as he called it . miss u nas <3

the four of us on our roof watching the sun come thru

fucking LOVE the photos above and below . so much <3 <3

"jesse come back"

fuck no !! i was pissed, i got into it w/ jordan and i stormed out of the/
W hotel by myself . irune chased me out and we spent all day and nite
together . the whole trip jordan and i didn't fight except the last day,
go figure . now it was just me getting lost in that accent, hopefully forever

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this is the last photo from my camera on the trip . to be honest, the final
nite ended in a disappointing way . irune had to go home early and after
the street festival we had to wait forever to get taxi's . she was going west
and i was going east . the mood turned from romance to annoyance as time
continued . after getting home i see that jordan was still out . so i lay in bed
and i think about it all coming to a close . i think about all the special people
i met, rayanne, mia, irune . how i won't be seeing them again for a long time .
i was excited to return to LA but sad to end this chapter . i have never had so
much fun in my life . contemplating for what seemed like hours until i nodded off

hahah ok i love both these photos from our cell phones . on the left is
me sleeping w/ my head down on the air plane meal tray . jordan and
i were not on speaking terms the whole morning and afternoon . we were
talking shit to eachother via text message from 30 feet away, from my ass
in economy to his in business class LMAO . he finally said, "fuck it" and walked
over and just sat cross legged in the aisle to hash it out . the flight stewards
were making comments but he didn't care . by the time we got to NY we were
having a ball again . jordan barret, you are a fucking legend and i love you Xx
i met him once a year and a half ago and even in just a couple hours i saw
so much in him (click here to see the entry) . i was so spot on, 100% .
what a time to be alive jordan . thanks for an unforgettable experience







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