Euro Craze w/ Jordan part 1 -
the feeling of invincibility

this is the first photo of the trip . an idea came up to explore through
croatia and within a week i was physically there . when i flew i took a couple advil
PM's to help me sleep . so the flight from LA to Moscow seemed instant, and
moscow to croatia was minimal so it honestly felt like i left LA only two hours ago .
i walk out of the airport and there jordan is, in a brand new rented mercedes just
laughing his ass off . i recall so many feelings fade in that moment, stress,
obligations, and concerns . all lost in his deep laugh, i found myself completely
fucking charged . here's the actual video of that moment . so epic . proceeding..

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we drive to split and arrive to a creepy painting in the air bnb ^^

we end up at the worst outdoor club in existence so we leave and
just walk around aimlessly eating ice cream and posing in front of
jordan's coca cola ad which we see everywhere . we go to a bar and
get a few things and next morning we both have a bill for $640 . i have
been relentlessly fighting it and wells fargo followed up but took the
business's side because they came up w/ a forged reciept w/ my
signature . awesome, so i have to pay that . thx wells fargo :)

we leave split asap and we go to my favorite city in croatia, dubrovnik .
first things first, ditch the rental car and get scooters . vroom vroom let's go

we have lunch at this place and i'm desperately searching for cool
underground things . after flirting w/ the waitress and getting as much
info as i could i ask her if i can take her on a date later . here she is writing
them digits 4 me (aayyeeee) ^^ funny story on that later ;)

seriously the most special place ever . the old fortress castle in dubrovnik .
this is Kings's Landing in "game of thrones" if you watch that show .
we would go to this massive club everynight called Revellin, and to get
there you have to walk the road where queen cersei did her walk of
atonement . i still can't believe there is a fucking club inside this old castle

jordan kept going on and on about how great his white shirt is .
i told him it's not a shirt it's a denim jacket and he's going to
be really uncomfortable if he wears it w/ no t-shirt underneath
to the club . of course he never listens to me, so 10 minutes in
we have to leave revellin because his nipples are chafing and we
now have to find a store at 2am that sells band-aids for him... i can't :P

the club goes all nite and then people slowly filter out and gather
at this ledge to watch the sunrise . we had a good moment <3

getting home when asian tourists wake up LOL

one nite i suggested riding one bike to the club and from then on
we returned the other one and every city we went to we just shared one .
way more fun to ride gf/bf style and have one person navigate and play
jams . fuck what everyone thought that shit is the way to go 100%

so the waitress from before agrees to go on a double date
and take us to this local rock-jumping-into-ocean place situation .
jordan on his scooter pulls up all swag like a young river pheonix
w/ hotel slippers and no helmet on . i of course now look like a dufus
in comparison but that's beside the point . as him and i get undressed
and go swim we turn back and notice the girls just taking off . like they were
literally waiting for us to get in the ocean so they could escape . to this day
it is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the world why they did that .
we checked to see if they stole anything and after discussing it for 2 minutes
we just carried on, completely unphased . i think that moment completely
embodied the whole trip, we were invincible . we cannot be touched nor
bothered . you take us to a place and leave us, ok . i fell on a scooter by myself
on the highway and people pulled over looking horrified, but i was fine . we can't
rent a convertible ? fuck it then we'll just go to barcelona then . ferry all sold out ?
let's forge a ticket and just sit on the floor . i can go on and on but this feeling is
something i've never encountered . it exists because of Jordan, he's a prodigy, and
us together is unlike anything i've experienced . it was the spirit of ectasy, and
no one could penetrate this barrier . this vibe remained the whole duration of the trip

so we swam, i took photos . we looked at the people, we watched this man
throw a bone for his dog in the ocean, it was all so cinematic . we gazed at
the sun going down and took off to do something amazing that nite i'm sure




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