Euro Craze w/ Jordan part 3 -
the Spirit of Discovery

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the entry starts here w/ a photo in the bathroom where i first met
rayanne . i think i asked him if he was enjoying his evening or something
of that matter . after he answered i told him he has a really great voice
and i could tell by his reaction he was happy to hear that . i told him if
he was going to ride the boat to carpe diem alone to meet his crew
already there then he should just come w/ me and my friends . from then
on we became great friends . he was visiting here from Paris w/ a couple
guys and him and i ended up meeting multiple times throughout the next days

he introduces me to these girls he met and they tell me it is their
last nite in croatia . i promise them that jordan, rayanne, and i will give them
a beautiful end to their vacation . so we take them back to our place
where we eat bread and drink till the sun comes up . then we walk
down to the beach and watch the sunrise, the girls didn't want to swim
at first but then gave in . definitely my favorite nite as well in Hvar <3

the last time i heard from Rayanne was a phone call right when
i landed in reno to go to burning man . he called to tell me that
he loves me and wants me to be safe because i mean a lot to him .
there was one nite when we all had dinner and i was really stressed
out due to events going on and also maybe having too much caffeine idk .
he was sitting in a chair in the restaurant lobby, i asked him why he
was there and he said he wanted to talk to me in private . we sat down and
he told me that it was "destiny" that we met and that "you not only made my
days (in croatia), you made my life" . i was stunned and i actually teared up .
i was completely validated in that moment . rayanne i love you . thank you <3

we left Hvar and went back to my favorite, Dubrovnic :)

kind of a strange feeling when you're next to the guy who's
on the label of the coca-cola that you are drinking :P

we were riding around and when the scooter didn't start we realized
we ran out of gas . a stranger told us the nearest station is three kilometers
away . so him and i alternate turns pushing the scooter there w/ one foot
on and one foot off like a skateboard to the station . along the way i spot
a girl w/ a "USC" cap which sparks me to say hello since i live near there .
moments later she hops on the scooter and the three of us are off, we get gas,
go to the hotel and end up at a rock jumping location . after dinner i tell
her about our plans to go to this techno club called Lazeretti . she wants
to join, so we take a disco nap, she get's into jordan's clothes and we're off again

just like that, at lazeretti, she changes back into the outfit that
i first laid my eyes upon her in . we say goodbye and she's gone, never
to be seen or heard from again . people always talk about adventure
and living in the moment . but this girl is the real fucking deal, just
by herself, going around the world, being open to new experiences
and people, all while leaving the most epic impression on me . she was
on my mind a lot during the rest of the trip, i kept thinking how special
those 12 hours w/ her were . how much of a rare occasion that was for
me . it's the same for rayanne, and in the next entry irune . you meet
this people, and they impact you so deeply . this is mostly due to the
fact you're in a setting where everything is new and there is this mystical
presence in the air . and then poof, they are gone the next day . because
you have to go or they do, you try to stay in contact or say that you'll
see eachother again but most likely you won't . but you can't take
away the experience you had together, and the spirit of discovery Xx

we peaked, we so fucking peaked already in croatia . LET'S GO .
the next morning jordan says, "i want a convertible, and i want to
go to montenegro" . we call a couple of rental car agencies and none
were available . so a phone call to the travel agent and now comes an idea to join
him in Barcelona . two hours later there we are . but two and a half hours before
it was about a convertible volkswagon and driving south . now it's a plane
ride going north ?? i can't w/ this kid, it's all just a surreal video game <3

but i love it, i love it ALL







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