Euro Craze w/ Jordan part 2 -
the coming of Tahnee and Gang

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jordan's great friend from australia came w/ herself and her crew of 4 . this
is now when we are in the city of Hvar . most of the time we are together is at
"Hula Hula" which is a day beach bar and also "carpe diem" which is a niteclub

awwwww Mia <3 <3 <3 my croatian crush

uh ohhhhhhh ^^

on the left - we were all entering this one bar before carpe diem .
right before i walked in i got a call which i had to pick up, they wouldn't
let me back in after that so tahnee sat on the dock w/ me until everyone
left . what a gal <3 on the right - so after the first bar we went to another .
at this one this handsome gentleman wouldn't let some of us in so i stepped
up and was like, "your shirt is Dsquared2 ? i love Dsquared, my friend is
the face of their campaign, see look at this photo on my phone..." i had him
locked into a conversation for 3 minutes and by that time the whole crew
just walked in . at that point he didn't care anymore because we were bros now :)

ok so i would say my favorite club i've been to so far is "papaya
playa" in Tulum . this is because they play great house music and
everyone takes off their shoes and dances in the sand, how amazing ?
my second is definitely "Carpe Diem" here in Croatia because it's on an island,
so you take a boat there and if you stay all night then you ride a boat back to
Hvar at sunrise . it's a really serene way to end a nite out :)

THIS . what a special moment between two lifelong friends

ran into my future self on the walk to the bathroom . i trapped
him into feeding me info about himself for 10 minutes . after i saw
his outfit and swag there was no way i was letting him go . he used
to model for comme des garcons and is now producing music . legend

rinse & repeat . same thing this day as well, Hula Hula (above)
during the day and Carpe Diem (below) at nite . how amazing do
these sisters look in their lace over bikini outfits ?? FLAME EMOJI

kept it going, now the sun is up . we went to a bakery at 6am,
bought soda and 5 pounds of bread . just sat in the town square and ate,
then we decided to sit somewhere else . so we took the bread to the beach

unlike them i have this weird stigma about going past the sunrise and
continuing life past 6am . it's this weird feeling of disobeying nature's
cycle or maybe i'm just getting old and have no energy . so i took the
scooter and fell down while driving on the highway because i was looking
at the waze app trying to get home . the car next to me was horrified but my
first reaction was embarrassment so i just picked up and rode home
all scrapped up and nervous . must have been cause i went past 6






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