so i got a call to do this editorial that was based around the massive
gay culture in the late 70's/early 80's on fire island . i met w/ the photographer
at a bar and she told me i would be the only model casted . there was darryl,
who was an actor, and the others were bartenders and people in the weho scene .
it was for a cool magazine and i saw that she was a wonderful artist so i said fuck it,
r let's do it . it was an experience to say the least... always into trying something new ;)

this is the end of an era... the broken yellow couch is finally going into
the trash . so many memories on this one, i have fallen in love, i have
cried, some people gave me everything they had on it, and the couch
stayed as long as it could :) you were the wind beneath my wings

house music all nite long
house music all nite long

love this photo . these are two very special people to me,
massimo and emma . i always try to have people that are wiser
than me around me, because naturally, i want to grow and be
better . i wouldn't be in LA without emma, she is the one who
discovered me . massimo has shown me so much and introduced
me to so many interesting people and chic nites . i love them dearly <3

how cool are they ?! ^^ my lil asian minji looking SO cute and bright leading three
amazing fashion boys wearing black . what a fun nite at mustach mondays

i lived for this little guy on the left ^^ he was 5 foot nothing but
just feeling himself so hard so he took off his shirt and started
dancing next to the go go dancer . everyone started putting 1 dollar
bills in his underwear, myself and james included . the other dancer
thought it was cute for a little but after he was getting all the attention
and money he told him to leave the stage . so epic, you do you little guy <3

ended the nite at my place . shaun went to bed on my couch
and the rest of us ordered delivery, drew portraits of eachother and
watched samsara . nice to end a club nite softly and calm like this







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