this is me documenting my first photo that i sold, who i sold it to,
and the process . first i went to stephen busken's (website) house
to scan the negative . stephen is an established photographer so that
makes it even a bit cooler for me . he basically just hit me up and said,
hey i like this photo i want to buy it . i haven't tried selling a photograph
i've taken yet but he just wanted one . his home is kinda like my dream, it's
a loft like i live in now but w/ better natural light, two stories, balcony, and
he has a richard avedon on his wall . he has great taste for art
(not saying that because he bought my photo)

the check ! (don't mind the hat)

the unveiling at the framer's ^^ this is the first time i saw how big it was

i love that he blew it up huge and framed it to perfection . framing something
that large is not cheap trust me, but he definitely gave it the royal treatment .

i hope i'm not giving away the mystery on this one but because it was my first photo
i've sold and my first male nude i will give the background story . so when i was living in
san diego my two friends and i wanted to go to windansea beach . when we got there we stopped
to get some waters in a tourist shop, my friend johnny was telling me how clear the waters are
there and that u can see fish and sometimes sealions w/out even wearing goggles . i saw a cheap
toy camera and bought it for that reason . my other friend kyle, always goes on and on about how big
his dick is and when we got there he took off his shorts because he was comfortable enough to show it off . i
pretended to take a pic of him playfully but then i realized that the sun was hitting him underwater in some type of
way that looked amazing and i asked him if i could take some photos . they all came out pretty wonderful .
i haven't heard from or seen johnny or kyle in years but this day was beautiful, and now it's tangible and stephen
is apart of that day now . it sounds corny but it's really special, it was a real moment and now it just lives on

he has inspired me to take more pictures and in the future frame my own art and put
it in my home . thank you for this validating and awesome experience stephen :)




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