first nite i came back i was tearin' up inside whole foods because
i returned to this world and it felt weird . i called ashley to come over
and we chilled and played games that nite, she made it better :)

of course i had to see my main boy taylor . he brought
over a chicago deep dish pizza and we watched fox catcher .
later that nite we went to a party and met up w/ meagan and andy

i have had a crush on isabelle since i saw her on set for joe's
. i met up w/ her the nite before i left for asia at giorgio's
and i told her the second i get back i'm going to take her
on a date . my word is bond ;) she looks and dresses amazing,
and has jelly beans in her left hand, what else do u want ? <3 ^^

i assisted my friend john beecroft shoot charlotte free . i was
into it because i wanted to see how a huge model models, and
what makes her a star . and for john how he shoots one . all i
can say is that she is completely herself, in her own unique way .
being the face of chanel, mabelline, forever 21, etc etc doesn't really
mean anything to her she is totally NOT arragant at all . i was actually
kinda blown away . and john did his thing as well, it was cool :)

for taylor's birthday we went to a club at the roosevelt w/ cuba
and his boy brandon . there was this guy who was wasted that kept
dancing on all of us, i am very polite so i told him, "hey you're cute and
all but i'm not into that" he just replied, "i don't care i'm not into it either"
and just kept grinding on me . he tried that w/ taylor and he just threw him
off and the guy went flying, i'm lmao right now just thinking about it :P

he had another party at a bowling alley a different day, he just has SO
many friends cause he's a good guy <3 somehow i had the best score every
round just throwing mad strikes i didn't even know i was good at it . after i
left because my agency was throwing a holiday party at 1 oak .
and that is where this post ends








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