after the joyrich casting (where they totally dissed me and didn't even bother having me try something on !)
we went to get fro-yo, they had a promotion so it was free yogurt day for everyone . see how GOD works ? *tear*

niko was the first one in the foam pit, 5 minutes later and....

everyone was in and he had a new foam hat :P

this one... ^^ kasey and i had a fling that i would say maybe lasted
a week and a half . she called me and told me her ex and her were hanging
out again and i remember i was all pissed off for like 3 days . and then i realized
someone as rad as she is, energetic and charasmatic it would have not lasted anyways
cause i can't keep up ! some people are made to be friends, i STILL think she's everything !

before i knew these girls i thought they were the same girl because
they are always appearing in luke's (pictured above in neon yellow hoodie)
short vids and music vids . here is his newest one for Prada, so hard to tell them apart .
and btw this video is fucking incredible and like i've said before luke is pure talent !!

u r now @ 1 w/ urself, 1 w/ her frontyard ying-yang tay tay

the most interesting man in the world was at the club.... ME !
see what i did there ? what i did was make a horrible joke ;)








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