bondage lichtenburg tank tops

one of my last nites in sd i took my roomate out for dinner .
no reason, just being nice, in return he gave me two letters .
one describing all the good things about living w/ me and one w/ all the bad .
read the bad one and wanted to flip the table on him right there . instead i smiled & said thx

went straight to a friends house after i moved, up in the hills, so nice .
what started as a relaxing gettaway w/ cooking, goofing around, hiking, & dinner ended
in the cops coming over..... for a dispute over versace pants . almost got away w/ them too,
just woulda had to go to a holding cell . at the time it didn't seem worth it but looking back
i should have done it just to prove a point, don't be an indian giver . and if you are reading this,
i still love you but your world doesn't make sense anymore, no more drama/drugs/delusion/desperation .
you need peace