hold me baby, take my chevy
let me love you, just don't shoot me

taylor's UCLA graduation dinner . can't say i'm not proud of this guy <3
working art department, going to model castings/jobs, going to acting
auditions/jobs, going to acting classes, getting coaching for auditions,
keeping that bod in check 24/7, all while getting a degree at UCLA . taylor is
just that guy, a true hardworker . my amazing great friend, much love to you :)

his brother and him recieved a gold chain from their parents, join the club boys ;)
to me a guy wearing a gold chain is basically saying to the world, "i am
swag and i'm ready and willing to fuck" . i think that's the best way i can put it .
before you judge me do you know any shy quiet guys who wear a gold chain ?

see look !! the chain is already taking over him ! you don't wear it, it wears
u . he's already got the gold chain "boston guy" look going on i love it

after hanging w/ taylor i went out to downtown and met this squad ^^

max runko ^^ i was friends w/ this guy on instagram before i met him i loved
his look and he's a young model/artist and just seems very rad for his age ^^

the image on the right, LOVE it . the mystery of film <3

been modeling a lot at obey clothing recently and have become
very comfortable w/ the people there . i think i got the job because abe (middle)
and i bonded over our obsession w/ Sandro at the casting . so on my
third day of working i surprised him and gave my sandro hawaiin shirt :)

rob and i went to check out the new renovated bootsy bellows, my
old stomping grounds . before we went we had a nice late dinner (below)

this was the grand opening, and the dancefloor as you can see is empty :/
it's just funny to think back on the old me, where i thought bootsy was
everything and nothing was better . i look at this photo, i see a bunch of
people huddled around tables, talking over loud music . i'm not hating at
all but i think most of the time now i want to get wild and dance or whatever and
this was not the place . so kimi gives me an address for something downtown
and rob and i take off around 1:20am to see if we can find something more..

we shared an uber w/ this beautiful stranger <3

the photo on the left is blown out but the sign says, "jesse st" .
anyways we get to the destination and i say, "wait there are no cars
and no people.... god dammit kimi" . she gave us an address for SAT night
on our FRIDAY nite . so we say fuck it and just sit on the curb and freestyle
for a good 10 minutes . then we try another spot, cops closed it down . so
we try ONE more (desperate much ?) . we get there and we just find this guy,
he's like, "yeah this party got shut down but i know a place we can go to, there
is poker and billiards and hot, cheap hookers" . i think he was trying to take us
to some mexican ranchero cartel kinda spot in the cut . rob and i look at eachother
like, "OH HELL NAW" . this night was not working out so we went back to mi casa .

him and i danced and freestyled to 90's hip hop and about an
hour later kimi joined us and we just did our thing till about 4/5am.. <3 <3

beautiful kimi <3 <3

luke's birthday party !! and ghana w/ the biggest best ass in Los Angeles

loved these talented people ^^ i saw this rich girl i dated for a hot minute there
that sued me, yes she actually sued me for having photos of her on madthirsty !!
there was a bunch of girls whispering and looking at me in her posse so i thought,
'ok fuck this shit' and i bounced and looked for something else that night

on the way to the new spot i saw the beautiful Karis Wilde <3

i would see sulem at my agency's parties because we are both w/
photogenics or out at random things but never really got on w/ her . but i
feel like it was meant to be this night, kyle and i ran into her at the entrance
and it was just electric at that moment . she was giving it to the gods.. we danced
till 4am just feeding off eachothers energy & just being completely captivated
by her smile and moves . definitely went to bed w/ a slight smirk on my face <3









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