shantay take your ponytail

great crew and i going to a party in the hills . i feel so bad for ubers
and drivers due to how it's a one lane road . i've seen parties where an
uber driver is waiting for the guest outside, and because of the road being
so narrow you will literally see 80+ cars form a long line behind, what a mess .
so as we were walking the half mile upwards to the house we came across
this ^^ who's hair ?? reminded me of an amazing clip kona showed me :P


you know those over the top corny parties they show in movies ? where
this massive house is filled w/ hundreds of people and everyroom in
the place is at full occupancy ? where there's a drunk guy in a suit on the
table stripping and everyone is cheering him on ? where you go outside
and loads of people are taking off their clothes and jumping in the pool and
you're sitting there watching thinking, "parties are never like this" . well i have
those same thoughts as well and then i came here and this was that . right out
of a 90's movie . how does someone let so many strangers into their home ? wow

we gave the dressed up hills situation to the beautifully lit disco
ball in a warehouse by the railroad tracks . what else is new ?

ok you know when david blaine does tricks in front of celebrities and
you think, "ok this is totally fake" yeah ? well now i believe it's real .
i met this mentalist from italy, he asked me to pick a number from 1-100,
then another from 1-1000 . he asked me my birthday and to give him
either the month, the day, or the year . he asked my friend to do the same
and then multiplied all of our numbers together . then he asked if i had any
dollar bills . i said yes and took one out . the number was the exact serial
number on the bill . i can't... how ? any explanation will do ! blown away

my man right here <3 <3 africa is calling us

the mentalist is back . so after retelling that story my friend
said she had a similiar experience where the magician did the
same thing . ok so maybe it's an algorithm ? but how do you explain
this !? he literally asked you to think of a word then he makes it
appear as a deep scratch/rash without even touching the area !!
it's hard to see but this one all blew our minds, i mean... ^^

i had a job in the morning but bambi and dan were in town Xx
how can i say no ? what an amazing time . rhonda always delivers :)

i did a commercial and as i was at the fitting i saw todd's
comp card there . i know todd from the disco club i used to go
to GIORGIO'S . he's a fucking pro been doing this for decades .
he was the first male to be on the cover for cosmopolitan .

...... and here he is sleeping on the job







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