ok i showed up late to an editorial and i couldn't help but notice all the models are wearing
the same exact damn outfit ! you're telling me that 5 guys show up not knowing eachother
and all of them are wearing, a blank tight t-shirt, slim fitted blue jeans, and hightops ! (whether
it be shoes or boots) like oh my god damn can we get these clones some individuality ?!?!
and they are all actors too, no fucking kidding of course you all are . sorry for being a hater but god..
shaking my head at all dudes that are model/actors right now

thank the heavens peter showed up and proudly demonstrated
to all of us how to do the shittiest ollie known to man ! :P

but i did like this guy aaron ^^ anyone who plays video games that involves swords/shields/armor/magic
etc etc i get along w/ . i don't know why i think it's the kid inside of us that just comes out :)

we all hung on this harness, it was gnarly . the photographer wanted implied nudity
which means being nude but not full frontal, everyone was a pussy and wouldn't do it
of course . the puerto rican guy (pictured above in red shirt) didn't think twice and just let it all hang out, and
it reminded that everyone else around the world except china and japan (they blur out the man's penis in porn ??)
are far more accepting w/ their bodies and most americans are rlly conseravtive w/ that .
over the last few years i have become a very comfortable w/ myself and i don't rlly live
by those small town insecurities that bind many, i shed those a long time ago . so after he went
i was hanging from that harness wearing nothing but my rings... pictures to come soon maybe ;)

just givenchy racks on racks on racks

ok going to mush out on luke gilford and ollie daly real quick .
i am so lucky to be surrounded by people that are next level in fields that i am
interested in . ollie and luke are going to blow up in 5 years easily, maybe sooner
and be household names in 10 . i'm closer to luke and he's not exactly represented yet for
photography but still can shoot the cover of gq style w/ the top male model in the world
(has anyone done that like, ever ?) i'm just so lucky to occasionally assist someone who is so fresh,
that term is so corny because it's never true but... just google him and you'll see . everyone that i meet whether
it is NY or LA are like, "you know luke ? he's amazing !" anywho i respect them both so much just sayin

oh my god i laid eyes on this girl chillin in the corner and immediately fell in love

after the party things got a little hot n' heavy and when we all had too much
fun that nite miles unfortunately got caught in the crossfire... srry bro :P LMAO

i had her at the crib two days later tho ! ^^

hey ummmm can you stop freaking my tv i'm trying to watch a movie .
although i will eat that ice cream sandwhich in your hand plz

hung out w/ tom and assisted him on a test shoot w/ becky

then i had her at the club a week later tho !

when we left i said, "will i ever see you again ?" she looked back and winked and simply
replied, "maybe" . i knew right then i would never see her again and my heart broke :(
but you know what, i don't give a fuck, you wanna know why ?? because.....

so yeah









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