wherever you are
i want to come

my usual photo lab has been closed for the holidays so
in the meantime i went to another place and got two rolls done .
i regret this decision as the quality of these photos are lacking, the
levels and the colors looks very unflattering on everyone . seriously
looks like i shot on expired kodak film and got it processed at Walgreen's :/

a lot of my friends have great style . but i don't think any of them have such
individual unique style as much as cuba . i mean look at her, you killer !!

see, you can see what a terrible job "richard's photo lab" did .
(yeah i said your name, you deserve it, charging me 24$ each roll
for quality i could have gotten at CVS for half the price !) justin and
tuna look so cute but her jacket just looks like one brown pixel . SMH

just two best friends wearing designer knockoff hats <3

i will never forget the story w/ these shoes . i saw 1 pair pop up online
in my size finally, i told minji i wanted to get them but just splurged
on some margiela's so i held off . i was really bummed when i saw that
they sold . when we broke up she told me she was the one who bought
them . i couldn't believe it, what an amazing girl . 7 months later she gave
them to me . what a gal, just the most special Xx

trevor has the most odd party characteristic, wherever he goes,
could be a friend's house or a complete strangers; he will take off
his shoes and remain barefoot throughout the duration of the evening .
i mean he's wearing a shirt and a sweater vest but yet barefoot ? why ?

this was Dan's birthday party . we first went to a mexican restaurant
and then kareoke at the blind dragon . what an amazing couple they are .
just all of us having the most fun ever in the room . AUSTRALIANS !! <3

well, the nite did not end for us in west hollywood when blind dragon
ended . i (of course) ended up dragging everyone downtown to
a brick warehouse w/ a disco ball dancing situation . WE CONTINUE :)



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