goodbye horses, i'm
flying over you


you've seen these photos for 6 years ^^
are you bored ? i am

i love this light skinned blonde boy . i call him prodigy, i tell
him how cool he is every time i see him . you know when you go
out and you see someone you get excited and say, "oh my god hi !
what are you doing here ?? having a good time ?" because it's a fun
and partially unexpected occurance or something like that . w/ him, i just
say, "wassup prodigy" very casually . because i see him every weekend .
it's never unexpected, we know exactly where we will be at 4am on friday .
party photos at night w/ the camera flash, that's all this site is now, it's not fun .
these are just three nites out spanned over two rolls . i adore this kid,
but i do not want to see him again for a long time :/ goodbye prodigy <3

i saw remi for the first time in years . he is wearing the shirt
i bought for him after we went to nigeria . this made me VERY
happy . no exaggeration i think he only has four outfits . he's
the closest thing to a modern monk that i know . a real inspiration

"you shall love, whether you like it or not
emotions, they come and go like clouds
love is not only a feeling, you show love
to love, is to run the risk of failure, the risk of betrayal
you fear your love has died, it perhaps,
is waiting to be transformed into something higher"

this is my friend on his birthday above . we went to a concert and after
i took him to one of the underground warehouse parties downtown .
he was all over the place and i helped him get there . i woke up to a
phone call from the police because he was mugged and knocked out .
i felt so much shame because not only was i not there to protect him,
i contributed . he asked me two nites ago if i wanted to go out...
dude.. you want more ?? i would be fucking terrified :/ not tonite friend

this photo represents my life . it's cool, it's dark, and a mess .
the next entry will explain it all, all things





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