I'm your mama, I'm your daddy,
I'm that nigga in the alley .
want some coke ? have some weed .

I'm your doctor when in need

carson, scott, reda and i went out to palladium for a "paradise garage"
event . it was an amazing nightclub from 77-87 in new york city . the
thing is, i feel like i know a lot about culture back then and i barely know
about the garage so i was curious who was going to be at this revival .
oh boy, it looked like an empty high school dance in there :/ so the four
of us said fuck it and walked to another house music club 10 blocks away

we get in and i find this guy (on right) in the bathroom . man he looks
like he came out of a time machine from the 90's his look is so dated i love it .
reda spent half the night charging his phone in the hallway lol (below)

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i went out w/ my perfect crew <3 look at them above, they are everything,
they are the queens and kings of everything ! and i have the keys to
make that happen . so raise your hands if you WANT what i can GIVE you ;)

adore this photo w/ all my heart ^^ we left that seedy underground party
at 3 or 4 and i told them to keep it going at my house . after watching minji
kiss everyone and me putting them all in my clothes that they wouldn't
normally wear i couldn't keep up w/ them and i went to bed . all i know is
that i woke up to beautiful minji in a robe sleeping peacefully . i ask where
she got the robe and she replied, "your bathroom" . i was racking my brain constantly
on how i ended up w/ a robe and how it got to my house . who cares . BEST night ever

shot w/ my friend named ted . i call him my lil bro because
he's 7 years younger than me but we always go out for the same
jobs . he's got a great humble personality so i adore him . on this particular
gig on the callsheet it said, "come makeup and hair ready because there
will not be a makeup or hair person on set" . when him and i got
there this lady looked at us and aggressively said, "you didn't come hair and
makeup ready !?!" i'm like, bitch what ? first of all i don't have some woman
on the fly i can call to do my makeup, that is your job . second of all
what the fuck does "hair ready" mean ? i have had my hair done a 100
different ways before, which one do you want ? that is the most generic request
of ALL TIME *kanye voice* . so after little comments she would make ted and
i would just glance at eachother and make stupid faces . one time she
caught me and tried to give me attitude or something . but we kept the job fun :)

this was for lucky jeans, i think this photographer is great . at the
start of the drake song, "started from the bottom" drake says, "started"
in a very quick, cool way . the photographer would then shout, "STARTED !!"
in some white dad way and i found it so hilarious for some reason . i drew
power from that moment all day . he wanted this ^^ to be the "that's a wrap"
group photo . i have no clue why this pose but i just went w/ it

at dinner w/ the squad and three girls that sterling brought .
i booked a job in tulum so i invited everyone to meet me there .
minji bought a ticket and gavin bought the same one on the spot
so he would fly out there w/ her . she was so excited but he ended
up bailing like 1 day before he was supposed to come . bye felicia

massimo was there and told me, "check into the hotel, shower,
and come outside cause i'm going to pick you up" i got in at 11pm
and BOOM he was there at the fucking gate . we went off to Gitano's,
his best friends place . i mean WOW, you walk in, it's the jungle .
lit by candles, green everywhere, people eating and smoking, drinking
at the bar, there is a dj only places deep house, everyone is beautiful
and dressed properly . they are dancing and they are moist from the
humidity, it was the single most chic place/moment of my life . i have arrived

i was so happy to have him and other friends coincidentally there in
Tulum . while the production and other models would stay at the hotel,
i would dip out immediately and enjoy the town w/ my veteran guide
massimo . so much fun here, i definitely get the appeal of this place .
Now Let's Have Some Fun and a Gum on the Beach :P








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