did a show 4 nbc . i signed a contract not allowing me to release any info till the show
is out so i'll wait till february to put up some photos . the highlight was me reaching
to touch jessica simpson on the way out and we held hands for about 3 seconds, too awesome .
^^ so much downtime i've never seen models bring makeshift beds to sleep at jobs before .

i just got on l.a. models 4 runway and since it has been shooting for 9 weeks i only got the casting
for the finale, so when i booked it most of the models already had their cliques but the three above
(brea - daniel - carla) were very sweet . carla grew up in cabo and since i would go
every summer as a child we know the same people, small world :)

luv this photo ^^

saw Quest a week later, he was filming the show too

i shot w/ greko . he's camerashy ;)

cameraman ben and the RED ^^
they filmed me w/ the RED camera . i've seen what this thing has done and it
was so exciting to actually be in front of it . i wasn't allowed to look at much but
the footage i did see was sooo cool ! hopefully i'll get to see the final product soon

got home to my new place at 4 a.m. - concrete floors .
thought i could rough it on the ground . that's the bed right there, a hoodie/jacket combo .
not having it, homeless in my own home .