FUCKING AWESOME, annabel had a streaming concert online, i was so hyped
checking the timer. she was touring with the walkmen, good looks.

soooooooo bomb......

getting sheepy.......

ohhhhhhhhmy! gosh i love these angry white people
that can't accept modern values or change

this was at veronica's party, i only shot one pic,
veronica if you're reading this i didn't mean to slip
out so rudely i just didn't want to be a bummerhigh

then we went to this one on pierpont but we were only there for a hot sec so
i didn't get to shoot it, but it was very fun, this is us going around after

wii of course

jackson fell asleep with his hand in the goldfish

evelia and i got a slice but instead he gave me a full pizza, best night ever.....