"you're not going to pass
out again are you ?"

i came straight from tulum to this job for joe's jeans . "only help
yourself to treats if you are part of the photoshoot" LOL . so ruthless :P

i did a commercial for heineken beer (even though i don't drink) .
the set was mind blowing i felt like i was in a movie, it was truly
beautiful what the prop department made and the lighting was unreal .
it was all so wonderful because the DP was Jo Willems, he was the
cinematograper for the last two hunger games . we worked together
on the friday it was premiered . just observing him was very fun 4 everyone


CHINA GIRL <3 <3 <3

you're taking photos of all the moments you said
that were over . now i see you standing here w/
an eyepatch . and w/ that eyepatch, you've lost some
vision, and you can see less of what is really in front
of you . i thought you wanted me to help you takeoff ?
but looking at you just sitting on your ass, i wonder
if you ever wanted to leave in the first place







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