heroin chic is
so over jesse

been the sickest i've been for a long long time, this came out
of my nose at least three times . these are two of the times

before that i went to tijuana

nobu drew a pic of me gaming and put it in his portfolio for school

i take the 6:10 a.m. northbound train every week now .
the ocean at dawn almost makes it worth it

sick boy . both in all black w/ leather, so cool


he was basically skateboarding this horse then backflipped
and landed back on the horse while it's running . amazing

emma's costume designer friend . she was saying how she just did
a movie, and that the director did a movie called candyman . none of them have
seen or heard of it, i was laughing cause i remember how scary it was to me as a kid .
i remember i dared a kid to say candyman in front of the mirror in grade school
and he did the whole, 'naw that's stupid' thing . but i could tell he was genuinely scared, never forgot that

china boy . popped in at vision to see my agent, he told me to get some color . even the dogs are models



this one is for you emma . me too

i get this song now and feel it but gender reversed