didn't do anything all day . then started the night by taking an uber to the abbey at 8 to meet
w/ my love barbara and alex, todd, and his friend . after we did the santa monica blvd thing, so fun

when i was a kid i wanted to get w/ mila in "fifth element" so bad it hurt me .
that guy above does not give me the same feeling but i appreciate his outfit ;)

i was wildin' so hard that i got arrested ! but one time about two years ago i was in beverly hills
killing time before a fashion show at starbucks . this man (jim/pictured below) and i started talking in line so after i
ordered i pulled out a chair for him at the table and we had a nice lunch together . turns out he was the sheriff, he
remembered me as the kind gentleman i am so he just gave me a slap on the wrist . looks like being jesse paid off this time ;)

back to the nite . after that happened todd and i stopped to talk to those girls on the left for
a couple minutes . when we were done we looked back and barbara and alex were gone .
our phones died so todd and i just said fuck it and walked to bootsy bellows

a lot of my friends were already there . front room and back room were packed AF and
we were so sweaty but we had a great time . taylor had the best derek zoolander costume

what you know about charging your phone on the dance floor ??

we got home around 4, ordered delivery and i ate my salad out
of a pot because it's the largest bowl that i have . NITE :P







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