*in the narrator's voice from 24*
the following takes place between 4pm and 4am
on the day of december 12, 2013

did a hugo boss presentation at the amfar charity benefit . from what i understand it's a
dinner, auction, and performance . to get a seat is 500$ alone, i think the charity is most known
for helping the aids cause . basically my job and the 5 other guy's was to be standing on
pedestals in the middle of the beginning of the party just posing there in our colored velvet
suits for 55 minutes . i swear to god you're not going to believe me but vanessa hudgens
and i were making eye contact the whole time . for real i wanted to say something but 1, i never
would and 2, i was stuck on a pedestal . aside that it was def a new modeling experience

^^^ this kid was 15 years old !! 15 !! when i met him at the fitting we
shook hands and i thought he was going to break mine . i looked like
such a dumbass at 15 i'm jealous of this guy . ^^ but after i went home,
showered to unslick my hair (looks wack on me) then will and i went to noelle's


that day was great ;)





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