these are all photos from another lookbook i did for junkfood clothing .
this is my third time working for them so the energy is very easy . meagan
told us we could all break for lunch at this mexican restaurant at the end of the pier
we were all siked then she's like, "ok everyone get's 12$ total INCLUDING the drink"
then everyone was bummed because they realized they couldn't get a margarita ;P

i absolutely love fo's smile here . she was very pretty (obviously) and
had a cool personality . sometimes it seems like i just compliment every model
i work w/ but when i do i actually mean it i swear . i like to talk about how nice or
cool a model is because i feel like half of them have an ego or something similiar
to that . so if i don't think they are great or anything i just won't write about them ;)

this is eugene bauder . i remember way back then when the
woman that discovered me emma asked me to send a shot of myself
to her friend tony duran to see if he wanted to shoot me . when he got
my picture he's like oh yeah he looks like another kid i started which
is eugene . obviously i didn't know any male models so i looked him up
on google
and thought that i kinda looked like him too . i saw him at the
club and just told him we both started thru tony and he was siked, i guess
in a way he is like my model role model ? not rlly i but i think he's cool . just
looking at him in these pics w/ the boxing pose and the cigarette he reminds
me of a real life hansel from zoolander . just like all smooth and cool cause he's
basically making tons of money off his face and it's just casual now . he's tight

a couple days after junkfood i did an editorial and cover (favorite photos below)
for this magazine in Dubai called "illustrado". i feel like half the shoots i am
on they want my hair slicked, which i personally feel i look ridiculous but that's
probably just me . then they put this giant head heater on my head and i got
grumpy like a little kid . i just think that the thing that has always made jesse "jesse"
is the messy hair . when you take that away from me i just shut down, see how
trivial and pointless i can be ? shame on me . anywho i didn't really talk to anyone
but the stylists and the photographer and then i talked w/ one of the assistants about how
we lost our virginity . he told me he did when he was 13 in a closet w/ his friend . that's wild...








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