only a month and a week

it's easy to love, when you ain't got bills to pay

if only you could stay for a while, i like to see you smile . i know you can be so wild, so wild . can we have one more dance for a while ?

goodbye brendan, thank you for everything Xx

table reserved for "Leo Dicaprio"

karate mirror

help yourself to some canned wine

i love your miu miu glasses, cutie

both weekends of coachella 2017

i have no idea what to compare it to anymore

i feel wherever i go that tomorrow is near


shantay come get your ponytail

mr porter / malbi mag / being out & stories

you are no longer welcome at this establishment


i started saying, "shame on you" as a joke but it has turned into something real

"i told myself i wasn't going to ask where you're going next"


wherever you are i want to come

table for one please

"if the 'fan guy' is here, then we are definitely at the right place"

CFDA @ the Chateau Marmont 2016

"excuse me sir it's been 30 minutes where is my sugar free red bull ?!"

VOGUE CFDA in Seattle

see ya later space cowboy

burn baby, burn ! (burning man)

blame it on the colombian rain

armani on the barbed wire, hanging

Euro Craze w/ Jordan part 4 - "everyone you meet is the love of your life, it's bullshit"

Euro Craze w/ Jordan part 3 - the spirit of discovery

Euro Craze w/ Jordan part 2 - the coming of Tahnee and gang

Euro Craze w/ Jordan part 1 - the feeling of invincibility


wow.. you still are beautiful as ever

if you said jump in a river i would because, it would probably be a good idea

straight back from tulum into jeans and beer

international flight // hot weather w/ a cool breeze

"SICK BAG" - so please, can u help me takeoff ?

just two days in Colombia

24 hours w/ jordan barett

tranquility <3

goodbye horses, i'm flying over you

i have a spray tan, take my picture

trevor's shoes

portrait of my girl - minji in "youre off timeout" prt 2

back at it again, coachella 2016

desert hearts <3

just a chill getaway on fire island for the weekend

"i can't go on a date w/ you, my uncle died"

american eagle spring/summer 2016 campaign in tulum, mexico - part 2/2

american eagle spring/summer 2016 campaign in tulum, mexico - part 1/2

portrait of my girl - libby in "i know exactly what i have missed" part 3 / the conclusion

portrait of my girl - libby in "i know exactly what i have missed" part 2

people come up & say, "hello" ok.. i can get to the front of the line but you have to ignore the looks

friday saturday friday saturday everytime

portrait of my girl - minji in "you're off timeout"

Dsquared2 is for fags

catch the wave, you see the light ;) - TULUM

missing green parrot - reward $500.00 "he loves to whistle"

"blue moon 2012"

new years eve 2015

beautiful young man w/ a third nipple

one day and two nites w/ alessio

portrait of my girl - libby in "i know exactly what i have missed"

he'll never love you like i can, like i did, like i will

when in your darkest moments, don't you want somebody to love you thru it ?

Anna Karenina is in the doghouse

VOGUE CFDA show at the Chateau Marmont

Moet & Chandon #OPENTHENOW

portrait of my girl - sulem calderon in "Leave Me Alone !"

Jesse Somera - Photogenics
Skinny/Extra Slim (Model #1)

even if it's just for a week and two days

an overwhelming post of my love for my friends and of course some parties and sunrises

"do you know stephen hawking ?"
"yeah... the skater guy"

if you give me what i want, i'll give it to you right now

"... jesse, you represent something in the middle"

portrait of my girl - cuba scott in "my sweet 16"


hold me baby, take my chevy..

her hands around my waist, my arms around her neck you know she LOVES my moves

"dude, i can't belive you got laid wearing that outfit"

i like wild, i've always had a taste for it

"make me can't think" coachella entry 2/2

"make me can't think" coachella entry 1/2

come to this old saloon, come to my waiting arms, a table made of wood, and i will look at you

the main thing, the main thing

come in my van and i'll take u there

just friends and enjoying the passing of time

last table standing at the chateau marmont

we continue.. Celine in Los Angeles

it's the end of an era, last nite of Bootsy Bellows

L'uomo Vogue thanks to Omar . hanging out w/ some friends, partying and workin a lil' :)

first days back in this world i know as LA






last week w/ my friends in LA for a bit

"in life, you must GO"

the plot thickens... yes but, doesn't it always ? ;)

i can suck the chrome off a bumper baby

good post, a lot of legends and great times, stories, and photos :)

alternative apparel holiday campaign in SF

i still have last nite in my body, and i want you here with me

two AM jacuzzi

i get thoughts about you but the nite, it wants me like a little lost child

foreign hand between us, foreign hand between

train go, sorry ;(

"time just keeps going, and we both somehow keep living"

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing" part 10 - the final chapter / i won't lose control this time / gently boy, gently...

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing" part 9

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing" part 8

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing" part 7

red heel - red curtain

going out, playing video games w/ ashley, and shooting my first campaign for junk food clothing !

Michigan, America

behind the scenes of a samsung commercial

samuel larsen for LA canvas

"can you not kiss me your minty breathe is clashing w/ my twix"

portrait of my boy - taylor zakhar in "silver and gold"

every single photo in this post is taken w/ a flash

behind the scenes at forever 21 and four pool parties

joe's jeans holiday 2014 and some clubbin'

behind the scenes photos from a pepsi job

OKC (Oklahoma City Thunder) v. OKC (OkCupid)

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing" part 6

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing" part 5

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing" part 4

take this just a touch of love, a little bit

chain gang of 1974 - "sleepwalking" music video

"her face and body were totally malibu"

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing" part 3

all the behind the scene photos i took and getting drunk w/ peppertint <3

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing" part 2

portrait of my girl - remington in "emotions all encompassing"

video game shirt

photos of two jobs, party&bullshit and the most maddening man i've ever met

portrait of my girl - jazz in "thx for the good dick and money"

photos of two jobs and some friends in between

WILD AFRICA part 4 - to dream the impossible dream, to reach the unreachable star

WILD AFRICA part 3 - return to the motherland and the birth of nelson, seun, and kunle

WILD AFRICA part 2 - T.I.A.

WILD AFRICA part 1 - 24 hours in Frankfurt

portrait of my girl - simha victoria in "club god"

photos from a trailer for a remake of "the warriors" and some normal party bullshit

portrait of my girl - unfinished jennifer and ashley's part two

90 photos from the best new years eve i've had and a calming new years day

"might as well had been up my ass"

i need you pure i need you clean, but babe i am the plague

"rich man parties" and "super outie"

pics from hugo boss job and noelle's b-day

pics from stephen's birthday / overall mastercloth

pac sun spring campaign part two

pac sun spring campaign part one

photos of the same old thing, parties and bullshit

first photo job, lookbook i shot for runwaydreamz

photos from a junkfood lookbook and friends

when we met, i knew you would be my pet . portrait of my girl - jennifer medina in "am i not your girl"

all photos from halloween nite spent in hollywood

pac sun spring transitional campaign

shooting guns & laser pointers, worst behavior

all the behind the scenes shots from the VOGUE CFDA show i walked in

this is me documenting the first photo i ever sold :)

did u get a levi's email ?! cause i sure didn't !

portrait of my girl - ashley taddei in "you gave me days of heaven"

did you graze my hole ? wow i finally got violated

basically me just fanning out on remi, getting weird at a random party and having fun

you ain't texting me but still i'm feeling some type of way !

portrait of my girl - 35 photos of this wild child named apple

there is a moment in each day that even satan cannot find, in every day i promise you

"you look like your dog just died"

the complete long island experience w/ the only long island princess

ride 4 my niggas, die 4 my niggas, drunk drive for my niggas

all the behind the scene shots from the mentos commercial i did

first interview i've ever done about
madthirsty on c-heads magazine

pac sun holiday and a ventura visit

givenchy racks on racks on racks so YEAH

all photos of my friend caroline part 2

i wanna be like snowden but also get chicks too

7 year total love story featuring annabel jones

last two rolls from my mamiya 7ii

some friends and my cousin that hits on girls, also "behind the stage" pics of a handbag shoot

behind the scenes of "to catch a kennedy" editorial

photos of a pool party, at the club, a shoot, friends hanging out, the beach, and 2 girls that won't let me sleep

beach day w/ friends, a photoshoot, and a sleepover

all photos of my friend caroline


photos of working for a handbag line, friends at pool parties and clubs and just hanging out

i met a girl, fat booty, long hair don't care you already know - all pictures of kristina in LA

nudie jeans X la canvas

behind the scenes of the myspace commercial i did

mostly photos of my friends wildin at parties and clubs and friends hanging and locking keys in the car

paige denim campaign part two

paige denim campaign part one

"my little tarzier" - all pictures of my filipino muse marga

just a bunch of pictures of friends hangin out and partyin

- dude i can't drive my check engine light is on
- bro it's been on since i met you 2 years ago
- ....true

caroline doin her thing/michael and tay/marga in the pool

one of the best posts on this site . all about my trip to new york w/ ryan mcginley and kristina

i ain't ever seen a non-shiny charizard bro...

these bitches ain't shit but hos and tricks, but girl you different . girl i just might trust you w/ my drugs, trust you w/ my money

you should feel what i feel, you should take what i take

eleven photos of three friends

will you be my big plaything ? my ninja power, my number cruncher ?

a post all about my first billboard... skip this one ;)

photos of will brandt part two

photos from new year's and a bit of january


the past is all that's real, and you can not change that

one full medium format roll, all ten black and white exposures of will, heather, and vlad

nobunaga's ambition and his rise to power

photos of the ever so dynamic, crazy, and talented actor/model . my friend, will brandt

sex deemon part four - the final chapter

go chase those birds bro and i'll photo it.... "ok"

monster children part two

monster children part one

neil young concert and neil young inspired shoot

this is the mini movie (trailer) i made for madthirsty

this is just a page of the commercials (final product) linked to the behind the scenes photos of that job

just two alone dudes in nature.... w/ no one around

me - you got her so good thank u ! zombie - yeah hahah
me - holy shit guys i just made him break character !!

2 more rolls of mamiya 7 photos w/ taylor, dee, and will

a coming of age drama about a boy, and a golf swing that would change him forever

'there ain't no horse laws in LA yet, so you can just ride that shit wherever you want'

these are from the first two rolls from my mamiya 7

the silhouette kid's swinging on a swing, scrapes his knee and blood it brings . he shows his friends he's alive as he brags and he jives

it's been three years since we've talked . if i called him would he pick up ? fuck it give me his number

photos from my cell phone part 18

ninja turtles meet the newest member of the team, picasso

3 pool parties and wiener dog races

she nicin', and she smell sweet, icin'
take her to the room knock her down, mike tyson

shyness is nice, but shyness will stop you, from doing all the things in life you'd like to

just a day w/ my girl kasey part two

i finally made an instagram account - jessesomera

target commercial

silver jeans spring summer 2013 part two

silver jeans spring summer 2013 part one

just a day w/ my girl kasey part one

oh lilian, i'm a poor man's son, and your precious jewels
weren't found in schools where i came from

i'm bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher and other words sucka there is no other . i'm the one and only dominator

fruit of the loom - barging the LA river edition

Fashion Star on NBC

photos from my cell phone part 17

photos from my cell phone part 16

birthday mcflurries for all of us ! hey man since we're here do you wanna get the 20 piece mcnuggets ? ...sure

blackberry commercial SWAG

full body spandex leotards

two days in ventura w/ dee

Anthony Franco El Paseo fashion week part 2

Edun Los Angeles fashion week

Chambers Los Angeles fashion weeek part 2

we pray that mighty nature punish us for our negligence

beauty, grace, charm and poise . and above all, humility

photos from my cell phone part 15

kinda a tumblr style post; some pictures i find cool

you were a souped-up car in that rent-a-go-cart town

you know i've heard from wine experts that white zinfandel is the best wine ever... - WHAT ?!

hate, runs thru my blood . but once, i was, in love

photos from my cell phone part 14

leftover photos part 4

leftover photos part 3

dude i'm happy you said something cuz i've never been down 4 that bitch but eveyone is her homie

i'm as famous as mozart, hoes lark on my go cart

dragon ball so hard majin buu wanna find me


mother fuckin volvo on the god damn motorcross track

i don't know i just love little doors man

i'm hungry 4 the power, hour after hour

2000 calories to look good-1200 calories to look GOOD

photos from my cell phone part 13

photos from my cell phone part 12

photos from my cell phone part 11

moving in - downtown LA

'when it comes to gamers, i'm like the cream of the crop'

Yigal Azrouel Los Angeles fashion week

Chambers Los Angeles fashion week

Anthony Franco Los Angeles fashion week

this post is decicated to the maifesting earthly kaela .
this is 24 hours w/ the queen of snake !

could you be nice to me ? we just had sex...

do you have a credit card ? no don't use the visa, don't use the discover... yeah use the american express

tombstone tombstone tombstone tombstone

levi's fall / winter part 2

levi's fall / winter part 1

photos from a commercial i did

80's purple - watch the video :)

because my duty was always 4 beauty that was my crime

noboru's cross country cell phone pics from san diego to chicago

pervert pullboy poolside poolboy

i haven't eaten either . today all i had was a venti for lunch, followed by a kombucha - ....god you're so l.a.

this is what love looks like

you're such a hot temptation, you just walk right in
cause you ride on time - ride on time - ride on time

idk, i was tired, i didn't feel like talking . why didn't you just pick up and tell me that then ? i don't know...

that girl you met camping added me on facebook and she has a boyfriend ya know

i want a restraining order ! ma'am ur gonna have to do that on your own time...

san francisco for the weekend w/ levi's - part 2

san francisco for the weekend w/ levi's - part 1

i get anxiety everytime i pull of the 101 to exit main street ventura because that place sucks

ugh she's standing right behind us, so awkward . should i turn around ? no just ignore her she'll go away...

200 hundred dollas will get you ten thousand dollas, buy my life insurance !

never turning as it runs - my reunion with the sun

pale blinds drawn all day, nothing to do, nothing to say

leftover photos part 2

leftover photos part 1

oh you're not gay ? huh.... *walks away slowly**

my dog, my friend, goodbye corona

i saw your facebook pic, is that like a nollie grind 180 ?

dog.... it's time for you to go home .
yeah well it's time for you to shut up and go home

over the fucking light bitch, over the light

levi's go forth - part 2

levi's go forth - part 1

stand clear of doors

and this is how i will remember you

i think of you, when the sun is shining down on entrada road

my roomate solomon's photos

since when do homeless have exotic pets ? i want a praying mantis...

swedish man flesh - richard avedon and morrissey

bluebell - normal heights

24 hours with the king of snake

test shoots w/ grant yoshino & ashley barrett

waves came crashing down you looked at me and smiled

a love that never dies

we stay here

i don't want to be on your site . too bad

heroin chic is so over jesse

this is my first music video i've filmed

rock climbing j-crew stealing goddess

here it comes here it comes

yeah well guess what happens when you check out.... you leave !

i saw my baby, trying hard as babe could try, what could i do ?

another pomegranate mojito please

2 0 1 0

went to ventura for two days, all i did was play video games

just the right amount of wrong

you better return 'less than zero', that movie is really important to me

handsome boy modeling school

back in the malibu groove

back in the venice groove

a hot day and a sticky black tarmac, a hot day and wishing i was far away that's entertainment

i like ub40 fuck you

i'll take it 2 go

you should move to paris/new york/london
you'd love it there

the ocean

woah man, you displayed true loco spirit

wetter than a swimming pool - it's a dry heat

Annabel Jones / BLUEBELL

back 2 tijuana

nobody loves you when you're down and out

nobu and renata at the waterz edge

kara black and white

kara in color


SUMMER thru my cell phone - "i'm soo sorry for being such an asshole and a bitch-ass"

lauren was talking about you . yeah ? what did she say ?
doesn't matter, just hang out with her...

come on, that's a dude ;)

film shots that didn't fit at the time

anthem of a 17 year old girl

i can't sleep in there anymore, there are citrus rats in the trees, what if one loses it's balance & falls on us ?

old photos of my sister & mother & i

your stubble is giving me a rash

it's your world and i'm just a squirrel, trying to get a nut

build a fort

i finally met my hero, the crow is wild as the wind

another chillaxing weekend in san clemente

love you just because part 1

i love you just because part 2

taraji and duke, forbidden love

it takes a stingray to open up my heart

i went down to santa barbara & ventura
for a couple of days

la jolla coves

you're not my dream girl

i can't help the way that i feel, but is it really so strange

darlin' darlin' can we wait ?

guest contributor: jonny mack

W hotel walk around - YOU LITTLE SHIT

god don't like it

i like this post alot because all my main boys are in it

AFRIKANZ first show

san diego zoo

breanna came for the weekend

a weekend in ventura

wednesday noon - thursday noon . 24 exposures for 24 hours

a wave of relief washed over me in an awesome way

about 50 photos from the digital

food for less, vegan potluck, the africans

riverside & balboa park & ocean beach

nebraska sandhills

blue blue electric blue that's the color of my room where i will move

a movie in 30 shots

guest contributor: katheryn

post modern grunge

pictures from my phone

we are the sleepyheads

i am going to see you again

crawford's world

only love can break your heart

fox in the snow, where did you go ?


cross processed

christmas and new years

i live in SOUTHPARK

shots from the short i'm making w/ the digital point and shoot

shame shame shame pictures from my phone

hey guys can you take the dog for a walk to the park for 5 min.? no we're not doing that. i'm sorry girl, those guys are all losers

i just wanna say, i haven't been away. i am still right here where I always was. so one day, when you're bored, by all means call. because you can do, but you might not get through

finally organized all my film and took a few shots i never used off the cd's for this post

to bordeaux to geneva to paris

the butter life

flex fit jump

broiled ox penis

wesley's sweet 16

i remember halloween *horror night*

beauty and the beast contd..

beauty and the beast

tuesday the thirteenth

girl, you'll be a woman soon

time is gonna wipe us out. there, i've said it loud and clear

wrestling & masks & a sea lion

no none of that

the last night at the fair, by the big wheel generator

a chillaxing 2 day family reunion in san clemente

"i want to be like.... morrissey meets kate bush"

"every living human being on earth has sexy angles"

free as the wind

rocky has always been a playboy

hold on to your friends

all michelle, nothing but flowers. half digital half film

these are more leftovers, and by leftovers i mean the 5 or 6 pics on the roll that don't quite fit in or have any meaning or purpose, and so... voila

lifes a beach

digitial randoms, spanning from a month or two

letters from the past and the cutest pics. the following two will also be digi

friends tend to come and go but i love you all

through the sky, my horse and i fly. giddy-up horsey, giddy-up

nonstop skinboard shredding at mantis beach days

has the perrier gone straight to my head? or is life, sick and cruel instead?

...but when you're tied to your mother's apron

blue blue electric blue

stop me if you've heard this one before...

you can tell i arrange all the photos because the dates are so outta wack

"I Used 2 B Fat" and the start of weekly dodgeball

two rolls from three days with a new camera

i just want four walls and adobe slabs for MY GIRLS.
whom include: katheryn, stephanie, olivia, kara, & shaw

a very cool noseblunt and a very not cool toe

i <3 crystal meth

i had no idea why i said i would shoot digital less, film is prettier but a real bitch

canon film from around two months ago

christmas in seal beach

i still will shoot digital but not very much, i'm sure drew hates me 4 constantly bugging him to scan my rolls

while waiting for the rest of my film pics to be scanned here's some from my camera phone

dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going i'm going your way

shaw & lo at the beach (half shot by lo, thnx)

haircut brothers, friends, fat cat, olivia

........january - march.....march - july.....july - january

this is the end (of steezlife), my only friend, the end

real old, scenery & mike/breanna

baseball craze and chris's tats

mid steezlife

early steezlife

west marine, greg, bee, lawrence, alex, jazmine, mookie, michelle, john ross, john fig, steve, drew & sam

now let's make 'every breath you take' the rap version

"you can't fire him without cause" "it's beCAUSE i hate him"

next four years will be killer, cotton hill r.i.p.

all strangers, don't know any names, but it's all the same


when i used to go out, i would know everyone that i saw, now i go out alone if i go out at all

to catch a pedofile starring jesse

film test day at pacific

mmmmm seafresh! pierced penis, please say it ain't so!

smash mouth is like ten and he already picked up smoking, holy hell

ah shaw & lo sooo happy, missing board?! noo.......

thirsty for olivia? cause that's all you're gong to get with this

trio conversation, blacklight photos and skating

adventure into the creepy condemned porn house

just another day, a.k.a. boooooooriing

i know i'm unpettable, you don't have to tell me, i don't have much in my life.....

but i know, you know, i'm pretty crazy.....

the cutest ever, watch it's bucking & rearing & kicking

so I played out my little scene like we were on the o.c. and it was so fun.....

drew and wes are funny, but drew's picture taking abilities are not funny at all

friends tend to come and go but as long as you know.....

IH8 sushi teri

favorite text but mostly just biking around downtown

mostly scenery, but the monkey is cute going home now

animal lovers beware, gaby wants to hang, why did i ever leave boracay?

boracay prt. 1 scenery/beach aka heaven

departure pics and some strange mall sightings

old pictures plus olivia got a peaced out eye

next twenty blogs are all catching up







........... MAD THIRSTY