i worked for a handbag line in a nice house in bel-air, shot by the awesome tigran . the nite before the
shoot the girl model cancelled so the designer asked her roomate barbara to model instead, she killed it

two of the best looking people i know, taylor and adesuwa ^^

when i first moved to LA i didn't know anybody rlly, i met anthony at a levi's casting and back then
when i lived in san diego i would try to kill time before hitting the traffic on the way home so i invited him
out for lunch . after that we became immediate friends, when i moved here he was at my place everyday, i didn't
have a bed or a couch or anything . all i had was a new 60' tv, and we would sit on these plastic things (that came in the tv box to
keep it safe) as chairs and play 'dragon ball z' all day . he helped me buy everything for my place and we even got a u-haul
together and banged it out . i remeber when i met him he just made a shitload of money off of a mcdonalds commercial
and he bought this new nissan sports car we would ride around everywhere blasting "niggas in paris" . i don't see him
much anymore because he is killing the acting game and is very busy but friends like him are unforgettable & last forever :)







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