did a job for iron fist clothing in joshua tree but didn't want to drive .
luckily another guy from my agency was on too so i just called him up .
the ride up was so funny, the things that came out of his mouth were priceless...

- i'm not tryna talk shit when i'm high
- hey man you wanna smoke this ? no !?! man i'm about to fight you
- mother fuckin volvo on the god damn motorcross track
- if i find out about a musician i'll look him up on youtube,
if he doesn't have one... that's where that search ends
- don't bother him... homies' prayin'

me - dude you just missed the left turn
blake - i did ? okay let me flip a bitch then

10 seconds later we're stuck in sand

the shoot was 2 guys & 2 girls . even though there was a casting w/ about
4 or 5 different agencies we were all booked from vision, kinda cool

nick cave on the jukebox ^^

80% of the time we were mostly just hanging . shooting bb guns,
ping pong, bean bag toss, horseshoes, shooting bow n arrows etc. etc.







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