this is jennifer's - "am i not your girl" and ashley's "you gave me days of heaven"
one and a half if you will . it's not their part two's because it is incomplete . these
photos have been sitting on my computer for months and they are too special to
me not to share . i notice in my life i meet a girl and spend all my time w/ them,
shooting them all day then creating my portrait of them, then sharing it w/ you .
but there rarely is a part two, i don't know why . i tried w/ both ashley and jennifer
but to no avail, it just doesn't work i guess . i hope it is not disrespectful to group
them both in the same post because they are so different, unique, and great in
their own ways . so maybe that's what makes this post nice, to see how wonderful
and different these girls were, and how they impacted me in an awesome way :)


jennifer and i met over facebbok and when we first met in person she had an accent
and i did not expect it . we went to a club after remi and his friends and i went to a concert .
she was fresh in town from florida for only a couple days, hollywood was not her scene
but she flowed w/ it . and that's the best way i can describe her, she just FLOWS . i don't recall
one time she said no to me . not that i want to command, she is just so easy and confident and
willing there is no reason for that word to her . hey jennifer do this, let's do that, go here.... sure/yes/ok !
"hey jennifer stand on the fire escape" *she sits on the edge, feet dangling over at least a 100 feet*
that's her, just going for it . one day we had a conversation she didn't like and that was that, i never saw her again .
i still back her 100% and she's so talented and groovy i'm sure we will meet down the line perhaps

one thing that turns me on is when a girl seems like they don't
care if they die . jennifer sat on this edge for no reason . she has
that cliche "idgaf" attitude that i think we all just find so appealing . i
didn't know which photo i liked more so i'm putting them both up


ashley is just ashley . she is a character from a movie that i haven't seen or
hasn't been made yet . she was so poised, shy, and calm, always replying w/
an unsure, "okaayyy" if i asked or wanted to do something questionable .
a big part of my life is going at a nite and meeting friends trying to go hard .
but she never wanted to turn up, but she didn't have to, because she had grace, coyness,
and was just not that girl . she would talk forever about her family and school and friends,
and i would nod and smile silently, after a while i would tune out and just look at her .
looking at her was like listening to ocean noises when you are going to sleep, it's everything .








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