these are behind the scenes shots from the joes jeans
holiday 2014 campaign . on this day it was just us boyz,
steve, staniel, and myself . the concept was us dancing in front
of real dancers, like we are at a party . to be honest i thought
the pictures were great i mean i've never seen a concept like
this but steve and i were pretty terrified of embarrassment .
here he is above giving me that, "oh god no i'm next" look ;)


this stylist tho... french milf, great style, and that
tattoo was fire . we were all feeling her so hard <3


after the job i called up remi and we went to the club .
and guess who i see, sterling from the pepsi job !!
WE DEM BOYZ . again that's what i love about modeling,
every job is 10-50+ new faces, you never know who your
new friend is gonna be . any who sterling is a great guy ^^

if you notice whenever i do the selfie angle w/ my camera
i always chop off our heads, i need to get good at this...

after we went to his RV and shared a meat pie . i know meat
pies are an australia thing but to me it's an africa thing . every
other day in Nigeria we would walk down to "Mr. Bigs" and get
meat pies and rice . it was nice, take me back plz !!








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