if you said jump in a river
i would because, it would
probably be a good idea

i met up w/ jordan and his friend chico in santa monica . we were
leaving to my car and then jordan says, "i'm going to jump off this"
and starts walking over to the ledge . i reply, "if you're going to, then
i'm going to but don't do it" . by then his pants were off, within 1 minute
of even having the idea he was already flying off the pier . lunatic

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the next day i again met jordan and sahara back at the beach, fire .he got
an offer to shoot a music video in NY that day and he took it . so him
and i put our feet in the sand till i gave him a lift to the airport . i flew
out the next day to shoot a two day job in lake arrowhead

the photographer shoots w/ an eyepatch because he doesn't
like squinting his eye . i tried it and it's actually a brilliant idea ^^

debbie and tom got to sit next to eachother on the way home .
i sat next to a beatboxer in a USC acapella group ^^ so... yeah :P

jordan was in LA by the time i was back and he offered to pick
me up . he didn't drive so that made no sense at all but he insisted
and actually picked me up in an uber ! totally unnecessary but
another reason why he is a total legend . we actually ended up doing a
massive circle doing errands but the driver was cool w/ it :) we went
straight to tenants of the trees in silverlake to meet alana and sahara

ok the club is over but we kept it going and RAN to Alana's

"i hate seeing the sunrise so i'm gonna walk home now"







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