i wanna be like snowden
but also get chicks too

i went to the best beach ever w/ my boys ! i met them both thru work and they
knew each other from work, i love how that works . (just said work too much)

........ don't ask ^^

this is from the helmut newton exhibit . i went there after a
haircut to kill some time, man he is so great really inspiring stuff

steve opened up a gallery w/ a friend and this photo was taken at their opening show which
was a total success . i took him out (man date) to celebrate and we saw elysium, it was watever

cutie wit da panini ^^

shot a short film that tom slack directed . they just filmed me malick style walking around and looking
out the window on the train, i love watching great actors but god i suck at it therefore i also hate it too :P

i did a lookbook for junk food clothing . grant yoshino shot it alex and i, she was rad .
it was in a studio only 3 blocks from my house, i love it when i can walk to work

i swear 80% of all mood boards that i see have at least 10 hedi slimane photos in them

meagan produces a lot of shoots i'm on . my friends and i all have crushes on her,
me, taylor, steve, and those are just the ones i'm putting on blast ! here she is
getting a touch up, god she is so fine, look at her in my gold chain tho ! hubba hubba

you know it's a wrap when grant drops in on the slide, he did it first try ! thatt'a boy









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