my best bud from chicago came out w/ his gf, so we went all around
LA and i took them out and about . i noticed the guy w/ the hoodie is
kinda ghostly in the back so i zoomed in (below) and it's even spookier :P

tom and i went to mustache mondays, my fav gay bar and we ran into
quentin . he was wearing all white w/ one leg slightly rolled up more, a
black leather cap and an oversized sleeve rick owens shirt . after chatting
w/ him a bit he walked away and tom and i looked at each other and
agreed that was the coolest outfit we've ever seen, you killed it bruh ;)

this was awesome . i finally got to convince my sister to come out w/ me to
bootsy bellows w/ my best people . it was just cool to show my only sibling a little bit
of my world . and she enjoyed herself so that made me happy, just a great nite <3

taylor noticed that the guy from "boy meets world" ^^ was getting
turnt up at the club ! haven't even thought about him in years
but right when i saw him he still had that boyish smile and the whole
show came flooding back 2 me . it was nice to see him enjoying himself

... and we outta here







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