karate mirror

i did a job for a japanese bedding and pajama brand . i think is the
only job i've ever done where the whole crew besides the other
model and i were all asian women . gabby was such a rad model
to work w/, within 30 minutes she was telling me she goes to the
day raves that i like and that we know some of the same kids in
the art scene . the day goes by so much faster when you click ;)

later that nite wayne and i went to say goodbye to eve who is leaving the
US due to visa issues . she's the only girl in the world that i wish i had
her life, she's just so major in every way . goodbye for now, darling

here we are at some party having a good time . it's not uncommon for
me to be at a social gathering visualizing myself at a rave instead .
it's just a completely different element, it's on the opposite side of
town, no one is really socializing, you really can't see anything either,
just the loud bass from some speaker that seems to be blown out .
so after a couple hours i grab wayne and tell him let's try something else

look at him here, shirt off under the jean jacket !! i love it .
i love being around people who are open to being versatile .
one second listening to rap at a house party and the next
techno at some seedy warehouse in the cut . i love u wayne <3





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