this is my friend chloe, she is kinda shy about having her photo
taken . here is her photography portfolio on instagram, it's pretty :)

this is my friend rafa's place, he lives about 4 blocks from me .
when you go into his home you see all kinds of things.. plants,
antiques, toys, things on display, pictures hanging from the celing
w/ wire . it really feels like a home in there, he has been there for
2 years . me, i have been in my loft for 4 years now and it looks like
that *below* . it's sad really, it looks like someone moved in 2 weeks ago .
i think in my mind and to friends i try to play it off like i'm a secluded
private weird minimalist genius but in reality i am probably just lazy and
the world's worst interior designer . but that couch has DEF got 2 go huh ?

went to rhonda at the belasco . the girl on the left kicks me on
accident and turns around to say sorry then, "hey wait did we do coke
together in a bathroom at coachella ??" . i say no but realize we have met
before . we did this very HOT shoot years ago... *her and i below* ;)

^^ brian and chris throw the best secret party in LA called spotlight .
it's the photos where i am shirtless w/ gloves... wait that's often nvm :P

"beautiful high girl alone in corner"

after brandon and his buddy came over to my spot to recollect
ourselves and go to an after party . after i go thru the trouble of getting
him and i in for FREE AFTER the cutoff time he ditches me the second
he gets in to hang out w/ some girs... SMH . it was too hot and muggy
in there, everyone was sweating and it felt depressing so i went home

lil abi lives in the OC but needs a place to stay sometimes after
she gets off of work late at night so she'll hit me up . but i will be home
still wired at 3/4am so she falls asleep behind me while i play videogames <3

don't stop the night.. please









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