- yo dude it's nice out, just seeing if you wanted to skate today ?
- i can't... i'm at

kid city

the beach from the train

i've been seeing these 'cavalia' billboards all around l.a. and i really want to go .
i got so excited to see the actual place from the train . i'm going to see the horses

we were freezing but i still went in

got in a car accident, i was driving and right when it happened
i glanced at emma starting to freak and i said, 'don't panic, stay calm i got this'
walked out and saw that this ladies car was totally fucked and then looked at ours which
was perfectly intact, i rushed back immediately, 'emma we good !'

two really nice photographers & a really
nice dog were at this studio on jesse street




both trey and van always want to hear this 1