always see the l.a. river right before union on the train and
think of when geoff rowley heelflipped it in 'sorry' . so awesome

i wrote on fb that i needed a ride and esli, one of the dishwashers
from work replied and picked me up . also the next week too

Liar's Dice

was signed to VISION L.A. modeling agency last week .
i was really happy about it and thought that we should celebrate so i bought ice cream for us
at baskin robbins . shouldn't pistachio ice cream have pistachios ? theirs had almonds, & that ruined my high

trey and i were playing tony hawk's ride . he actually just came into my work last weekend
& asked me what to get as take out, i told him the chicken dinner because it's just as good
if you microwave . also wanted to tell him, 'hey while i got your attention i just wanted to let
you know your new game is the worst fucking thing ever, you have no fucking control at all
why did you think this was a good idea ?!' but i didn't say that because i figured he knew already

whenever i'm at a studio i can't help thinking how fun it would be to skate every backdrop .
you can't tell from this photo but they always have that perfect transition

this was xtreme . we were literally scalling cliffs above our death, look at the footroom !
after both of us both saying we're going to jump down for five minutes and not doing anything
i finally said 'fuck it im doing it' and i kicked off my shoes to the shore . and after about another five minutes
of me not jumping down the tide finally said whatev and took my shoes... we were laughing so hard

that barbara streisan song popped in my head while watching them drift away . MEMORIES . THE WAY WE WERE .

had them for at least 4 years & was having flashbacks . i remember my first job
at joanne's fabrics and all i ate during that time was chili lime shrimp & oriental top ramens .
one day i was at the register w/ a line about 10 people . the women started asking me about god
knows what and i went blind, literally . all i saw was white . i interrupted her and said excuse me
and just walked off . remembered them all looking at me like WTF ?! stumbled half way to the
break room and just fell down and puked all over myself and those shoes . they sent me home and
fired me . defintely thought i was on drugs, kinda right, i was addicted to them noodles at the time .
i kept wearing those shoes for years to come

jeremy got them though

we found a hidden cove where he smashed the coconut
w/ a rock and we ate the butter inside . felt like a caveman & a

drew came down for two days, we hung out and skated mostly

thought it would be so cool to get drew's pictures of me on the vision men blog
so i asked him to step out of his realm and shoot me . but we were on
a tite schedule due to lighting and shot in the worst place . also i have no idea
what i'm doing so we just laughed the whole time and did kartwheels .





all the posts have been in b&w cause travis gave me five ilford's .
thx my dude