worked for . i got to stand on sand it was fun . they also paid for my first pedicure ever,
that was nice . clothing by alex, styled by tigran, makeup by mirj, and styling by todd .

painted ceramics w/ my mom, stepdad and sis on mothers day.
i like how my "friendly spider man" cup came out

every time i post a photo of emma (left) i get all mushy .
but i often think about what my life would be like if we didn't meet,
no one besides my family has impacted my life as much as her . love u bb

after skating tom and i had coffee at fix when he realized he locked his
keys in his car . we ask someone for a wire hanger and started to bend it .
first we tried to go to the back seat to fetch the keys but there was no way .
then we started to shove it down the side of the window and unlock it that way
as if we had any clue what we were doing . finally he gave up and walked up
the hill to call triple A...

but my brilliant ass folded the top of the wire and then made a circle at the end, i put it around
the lock and popped it up thus unlocking it . we started to high five and celebrate it was awesome !
i made him take a photo of me to show how i did it.. wow i'm really corny








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