andrea adding to my 'pillar of power' ^^

shot w/ alexi wasser 4 ladygunn magazine . she runs this poupular blog called imboycrazy.com
all she speaks about is dating&guys&sex . perfect example of someone who just luvs to hear themself talk .
she asked us to be her 'dudes of the day'... we both said fuck no

i got all my friends to go out to chambers X wasteland party .
will, andrea, torian, dee, kasey . all my hotties

ohhhh hai kasey ^^

i was texting remi and asked what's new ? he told me he sold his car and
just bought a bike to beat traffic . he never ceases to amaze me, remi is on 1

vegas w/ emma, we were there for less than 24 hours . went to sizzler on the way
there and on the way back . we got there, went to marquee 4 the nite and home next morn

she on that LAVIN SWAG ^^

typical 2 p.m. sizzler attire . emma is basically a celebrity there









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