this post is from the last week i was in Los Angeles before i left for
the Philippines for a solo getaway . right now i'm sitting at Coffee
Bean in Makati city (because the wifi inside my studio loft is so unbearably
slow) at 9:46 pm and it is still hot as hell . the last week was fun
in LA, it had it's ups and downs . i got to see a lot of friends
but lost contact w/ a friend very dear to me, and the standard
hotel franchise owner told me to take down all the photos
i have of Giorgio's, (the club inside the hollywood Standard hotel)
which makes madthirsty look really vacant in the last few posts .

this is THE crew right here ^^ i would be so lucky to have a tight
little squad like this . all rad people in their own right, i keep asking
to go out w/ them because it's just so much cooler than what i'm used too :P

last friday w/ my main man taylor Z . also earlier that
day i went to LACMA w/ david and we hung out there for 5 hours,
he taught me so much about fine art but didn't take any photos
because my camera died . anywho we went to our usual spot
and cuba met us there, they hit it off and were singing, "ain't no
mountain high enough" together . they are both GOOD people

this was my last wednesday, roberta and her friend and i
went to a fashion show and then to a party at the designers house
who i can't recall the name of . it was a legendary house once owned
by jimi hendrix we just walked around and talked a bit

this guy... ^^ LEGEND . he is doing what i have only dreamed of,
have you ever been brought to a party and just didn't want to be
there ? or you were over it but didn't want to leave because you
wanted to be courteous of the person you came w/ ?? well i have
and this guy has finally done what i don't have the balls to do .
he just said fuck it and went to sleep on a bed, shoes on the
mattress and all . hundreds of people are constantly touring the
house and walking by him and whispering but he doesn't care,
in fact i think i see a slight smile on his face . love that man

saturday - going out w/ the best crew . omar brought
MT out and he was joined by the usual people i really
like, anna, todd, david, todd, etc etc . i had a GREAT time

whenever i'm at anna's house i just pick up this gun and
do my thing . i think it's the little kid inside of me... whenever
i set it down even for a second Ana grabs it and returns it to
where it belongs while always saying, "it's one of a kind !" ;)

omi... first he wears a burberry trench to the club and then i see
him in these green cowboy boots . he is 100% pure SWAG

<3 <3 <3 <3
see you soon LA... :)







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