Anna Karenina is
in the doghouse

emma (left) invited me to the flaunt party at the roosevelt . i kept calling her
when i arrived but to no avail . finally i find her in the crowd for the rock n roll
band playing . she's the only one dancing, bothering some people in fact . she
tells me how boring everyone is then just sits on the stage smoking a cigarette
while the band is still performing . thx for discovering me 5 years ago babe <3

my three mentors right here :) above, bryan and omar and below, david in
the middle . from these three i get a lot of inspiration and i'm very thankful :)

trevor and libby came to my house before we joined the squad at rhonda .
we had a wonderful nite ahead of us and we were all VERY ready

fuck... look at the two photos above . i keep looking at the photo
on the left.. the way she looks at him, WOW . i can't describe it,
it's everything . she looks at him in 100% complete endearment,
she looks up to him like a lover does . i don't know really but what i do know is
that i want someone to look at me that way . now look at the two photos below,
OMG . you don't have to meet libby to know that her energy is so major
it even exceeds the beauty of that face . look at trevor, the muscles, the tan,
and those looks . only he has enough swag to get a girl like this . i
love looking at these because i'm really capturing this relationship grow, i got
them when they first met at duke demont (5 entries ago) and now you see
them here . the love has blossomed and the compatibleness is obviously here .
it's always awesome to see love in the air . if only good things like this lasted :/

so the five of us walk back to my crib after rhonda and hang out till about
5am . trevor and libby decide to spend the nite, i get about two hours of
sleep and the next day we walk around downtown emotionally and physically
drained in slow motion . they leave me around 2pm alone and bored

i know who you are, but where are you taking me ?
a physical hand between us, a human hand between us
a foreign hand between us, now there's nothing in between us
u kiss each boy depending on where u want to sleep, how much money have u saved ?
u left the nunnery when u came here and my temple has now burned to ashes
"i'm not the monk i think i am"
"well fuck." all i wanted was a taste, u gave just enough to get me sick
"man", i thought i saw something special flickering for a sec but i guess it's just my ring
wondering if i would be here thinking of you if it wasn't for that damn shaman
there's no point in me proclaiming, "shame on you" . but Anna Karenina is now in the doghouse
i see now where you have taken me and i do not like it . i love it
- jesse xx






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