table reserved for "Leo Dicaprio"

i was in chicago for 5 nights shooting for nike/hurley . my hotel had
this living room situation that was nice but the layout made no sense .
the computer was very far away and above a desk, too distant from the
assortment i had of chicago style popcorn on the table . shaking my head

i will never be one of those models that complains, the work is so
easy and i feel lucky everytime i have a job . but FUCK, putting on
8 back to back wetsuits in a warm studio for Hurley (owned by nike)
was the most tiring experience i ever had working as of yet .

troy was a great model to work w/ for 4 days . at the end
he recommended we take the train and save some coin
opposed to an uber . before we got on the station he wanted
to get a specialized donut and bring it back to his girlfriend
as a surprise . he's one of those true southern gentlemen <3

here wayne and i are at a dancehall warehouse party . not my
type of music but i loved the array of interesting people that went

wait a second ? that doesn't look like jesse ? in some
dark room w/ his shirt off covered in sweat in a baseball
cap because he get's insecure that everyone is looking
at him cause he's doing too much... oh wait ;) hehehe

wayne brought me to the most famous house in Los Angeles, the Sheats–Goldstein
Residence for a calvin harris release party . so weird that they have photoshoots
and parties here all the time yet this was my first time coming here .

lol oh shiiiit . we prolly looked so lame fanning out taking photos of
this little piece of paper that let's you know the table is reserved for leo

look at the tips of my hair lol . even at a chic party outside in
the hills i can still find a way to be the only one sweating . if it's a
non dancing vibe w/ people just hanging around talking, it obviously
doesn't matter because i'll do that on 3x speed as well . what a mess

"you can have the suit just let me take some photos of you"





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