did another job for levi's . i went into the fitting and was
freaking out because the only two guys on the job were
remi and i, we havent worked together in over two years
i was so so excited but the client told me, "you work tuesday,
and he's on thursday, and he's not coming in for the fitting
today" so i didn't see him at all, all that joy for fuckin nothing ;(

this is Len Peltier, the global creative director and Leslie Lessin, the stylist, and i . the first time
we worked together i was really flirty w/ her and we ended up sneaking off and making out in the
stairwell . i don't consider this putting her on blast because we are both really proud of that moment ;)

i was still on the mastercleanse while doing this job . man it takes so
much willpower to not eat all this free food :/ thank god i'm done now tho

^^ it was just jessica and i all day, she's the BAE . look how gorgeous
she is, 17 years old and just glowing . she makes me wanna be Marty
Mcfly and get into the DeLorean and go back 5 years just 2 swoop her ;)

speaking of levi's, they were my first job ever . i did it w/ this guy above,
ben waddell (also the first day i met remi) . i saw him at the club and it's been
ages but he totally remembered me . here is my first photo of him almost 3 years
ago . we caught up and since then he has been living in new york killing it and now
is a partner of a health snack company, you can see his energy in the two photos
above . something that i have noticed, and no longer is a "coincidence" is that people
from australia and new zealand are the most welcoming, nicest, warm hearted humans
in the world . something about the parenting or the water down under is rlly something :)

remi w/ his thank you gifts from me for the africa trip . a cell phone reception
booster and an 80$ black t-shirt from barney's . giving him some "jesse" style ;)

this is mia mendoza, when i was in sixth grade she was in 7th
or 8th i can't remember . but she liked me more than any other girl,
i knew this because one day i got a letter in the mail from her . how
a middle school girl get's a boy's home address is beyond me, but that
was her devotion ;) i recall it being on black paper, and she wrote it w/
white or pink ink . in the letter she asked if i wanted to be her boyfriend .
that's just the way things were then, girls were very shy but at the same time
they didn't even have to know you but if they liked you they would ask you to be
their boyfriend . she we always be emblazoned on my mind for her innocent bravery .
i don't ever think we talked before that and i don't ever think we talked after till we got
to highschool . she found me on facebook and we grabbed coffee for old times sake

finally finished the mastercleanse for the second time . i did it
for ten days, this is the before and after . everything improves
from your energy, weight, face, mind yadda yadda . i would recommend
it to anyone but when i finished i obviously did not go the good route...

first i had a balanced meal of a burger, fries and some soda ^^

then i had a whole pizza, it's funny no matter how bad i wanna be
you will never see me eat dairy . i just have accepted that there are
no benefits for cheese except being extremely tasty . plus we are the only
creatures on this planet that drink other animals milk, i've always found that
disturbing . so yeah i got this cheeseless but it was still pretty good

my friend spencer from home that i've known since 5th grade
came over . when i see any of my friends from home we normally
just revert back to being kids, we eat tons of snacks like we have 13 year
old metabolisms and we play video games like time is endless, back when
we had no worries and it was all easy . sometimes it is nice to take a break :)
above is called, "video game shirt" or "car shirt" . it's when you sit in one place for a
very long time and eat chips, and eventually there will be a crumb pile on your chest :P








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