LIBBY in "i know exactly
what i have missed"

i have tried to write something here that i liked but i've ended up
deleting it and starting over so many times . so i'll just say that this
was trevor's girl . it's wrong and i know that . but you have no idea .
8am and gripping her ankle, and the heat on that thigh was so hot i
was sweating beneath my flesh . i'm a nice guy, and i was doing the
right thing until she hit me w/ that poem . man, that poem... :) i saw a
right path and a path that ended in something so entrancing it would
make me betray who i THINK i am . i went left, and that's it . i should
have listened to all my friends but instead i am here, i have arrived .
and now that i am this close to you i know exactly what i have missed









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