LIBBY in "i know exactly
what i have missed" part 3

it could have been 30 seconds or 8 minutes . was it when
my eyes first went to you, or when you sent that text ?
"it's deliciously electrifying and i can't stop thinking about it,
about living, even if it's reckless, even if it kills me"
soon separated from my loving friends, but i never looked back .
it could have been 1 week or 2 months . you pushed, so i pushed harder .
you told me you took a lot from me, i think i took more .
recalling us getting high together, a high that wasn't popped or shot .
it was simply about being there . it was the sun peeking in and illuminating
that broken mustard yellow couch, when you and i gave it life .
"it's deliciously electrifying and i can't stop thinking about it"
yeah.. that was the minute, the exact second . things blurred and i
stood still . covered in sweat after finishing runyon, just stunned .
surrounded on hollywood boulevard by panhandlers dressed as
super heroes, yet at that moment.. i flew higher than them all .
i now know my weakness was not a poem, it was you .
"even if it was reckless, even if it killed me"








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