LIBBY in "i know exactly
what i have missed" part 2

let's start w/ this photo ^^ i love this one because it's the only one
i have where she looks unhappy . that's because moments before this i told
her i couldn't stand her and that i wanted her to get her luggage and leave .
and as she was giving me her "shut the hell up" face, i wanted to photo it :)
after about three weeks and libby pulling her tricks to get herself back in
(which always succeeded) we planned to have a nite out at a burning man
dance party . this entry consists of this night and the following day .
OK, look at me, put on the velvet dress, get the fake id, follow me

i mean, look at the photos above . she's unreal, the smiling, the energy .
the way she can completely adapt to the music and the vibe of the party
that is unkown to her and yet completely own it and draw everyone in .
i wanted to go home around 1 or 2 because i had a job at 6am the next
morning, but as you can see... how could i ? there was no way . we
stayed till 4, went home and were making dancing music videos to
prince's "crazy you" . and as i collapsed on the couch knowing i had to be
at a job in TWO HOURS i shed the feeling of being completely unprofessional
and was instead in awe of the night and where it had led me, "libby you had
done it again" i thought . i told her i didn't want it to end and she simply said,
"it doesn't have to, take me w/ you on your job" she was absolutely insane
for saying that, i would never dream of doing that, who would ? but i let
it simmer, and then i was obsessed w/ the idea . i called the client, and he
said he was driving us to santa barbara but he had an extra seat so why not ?
i couldn't believe it . now the smile wasn't leaving my face, we continue...

it could have been 30 seconds or 8 minutes that i watched you .
i don't know how you do it but you do it every time . 24 hours w/
the girl who has "fun ideas" . to you it was another day at the office .
but what i took away from this was your ability to surprise me, to keep
me intrigued, to switch out my batteries, the unexpected - you reeled
me in, willing to endure more pressure from my friends, your bullshit,
because times like this w/ you were above ALL else . learning lessons
on love from a fucking teenager, only you could libby... hit me








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