the way your hair is black
the way your eyes are black
the way your heart is young
there's just a few like you

taylor and i have been going to alan's house to eat dinner once a
week and watch the robert durst documentary on HBO . so entertaining !!
after this night taylor was invited to a secret raunchy rave that was
REALLY in the cut... Alhambra !! so the threee of us had to go there

kimi came and so did mo & jeremy & many others <3

kimi can dance so hard and so low and eventually my legs start
to feel like fragile noodles . this time my knees literally buckled
and i fell to the floor, i don't think she cared much cause she just
started grinding on me there :) i love these two photos so much ^^

we saw a very conspicuous, sketchy group huddled in a corner .
i thought to myself, "are they doing what i think they are doing ?!"
so i told kimi to go on the bed and see what was happening and she
confirmed it . let's just say they were being VERY very NAUGHTY boys ;)

at 5am i was like i have to go home i have a 8am calltime assisting
my director friend for his music video in the morning ! a guy i never
met in person offered me a free ride in his uber home so i took it .
these are three random guys in the backseat all wearing black w/
great hair . thank you for the ride gavin, very kind of u <3

got home at 6am, slept 1 hour, woke at 7, got to milk at 8am .
very unprofessional but i was still on my game plus i am
kinda comfortable w/ nick and my role wasn't that big anywho :)
he rented a ton of snakes for the video can't wait till it's out

i flew to san francisco to shoot for EVERLANE . i don't
know why i took this photo ^^ i think i just arrived and was listening to
wale & rihanna's "bad" so i was just feeling hot i guess . stupid

the model that was there before me Muhamad was teaching
us all how to ride "free skates" . it's like two baby skateboards
for each foot . the girls tried too and we all had no idea how to do it

after we wrapped they were all like, "LET"S POP SOME CHAMPS"
the photographer said, "it's not like we just wrapped a 3 day or 5 day
shoot we only shot in studio today ?" i love that tho, the people that
work there acted like they were best friends and that is was not work
at all . i like all modeling work but eccomerce is definitely the most boring .
but they were so fun it was awesome . after i always like to take a group
photo because i never know if i will see that crew again and they got really
excited and came up w/ great ideas for the photo (below) . i just love them !!

another random party w/ kimi and the same gang <3

all of us staring at the beautiful big red moon

we dipped out in Mo's Rolls-Royce and he took miles, kimi,
and i home . the first song he played was "hold my liquor" by
kanye west which is my FAV track off the album . we were wildin'
SO hard just screaming and shit . thank you for that ride mo :)



both these songs were my main jams throught this week i hope u like




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