shot for L'uomo Vogue . thank you Omi for getting me on a
shoot like this :) justin and cuba were shooting too and looking
AMAZE in the clothes they came in on, such great style

alex and i wore the new prada collection (above & below)

we were there for forever due to a ridiculously early calltime so us
boys had a ping pong tournament, erik (in the red pants) beat us all ;(

my people right here ;) ^^

had a dinner w/ omi and cuba friday nite . the restaurant closed
at 10, omi had a "quick" cigarette . next thing you know it's 1am...
yeah we just listened to his stories of the past, the 90's, the 80's,
cuba and i were on the edge of our seats ! that WAS our friday nite !!
it's just so wild to hear about days when people were actually living .
it's not my place to re tell his life but he has lived more i'm sure in 5 years
than i have my whole life . but it was a different time then, people were
more outgoing, more attuned to spontaneity, just a different mindset i suppose

after we had a drink at bar marmont then i dipped to see some
friends . then this happened ;) ^^ i had to blur one guy out cause
he texted me like, "bro i'm an actor i can't have that up on the
internet" . i feel you brah, but now you got no head.. and that's ON YOU

shot for my family at junkfood clothing . i think by now they have
booked me more than any other client . matt (the photographer)
loves looking at madthirsty it makes me smile he loved celine :)








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